Off to the beach. A weekend full of nothingness. It’s not my intention to impose on my friends, but it’s summer. And I forgot to make plans. My friends are great! I feel a little bit awkward, but they always say yes. Do they appreciate my charm? Or do they just pity me? I think I’m low maintenance, and I come with many fine stories. No matter, beggars can’t be choosers.

So the real question at hand is what should I take? What do I need? Maybe I should think about bringing a gift. But what? OK, I’ll travel light. Trunks, flip flops, towel, zinc oxide, one book, a straw hat. And the sweater for when the sun goes down. Oh--and a bottle of something. Perfect. Climb onto the late afternoon jitney... Just hope I can make it to Ditch Plains by 9.